Journal of Environmental Education

Volue 9  Number 1   March 2006



Feature articles for International Symposium on

gCulture and Education of minority aborigines in the North Circum-Pacifich


3       Influence of Russian orthodox culture on Yakutian aboriginals

Egor Spiridonovich SHISHIGIN (Yakut state united museum of history and culture of the Northern people)


7     International Study of North Pacific Traditional Cultures: Past Achievemkents, Present Status and Furure Prospects

William WORKMAN (University of Alaska Anchorage, USA)



Original Papers


13      Laboratory experiment using fish otolithes and bones for science education: Interdisciplinary study between biology and chemistry

Hiroshi ABE and Yasuhiro SODA


21     Development of Teaching Materials of Model Car with Windmill-Type Steam Turbine

Makoto SOHMA


31     Early Pliocene molluscan fossils from the Ikushina Formation in Rausu-cho, Shiretoko Peninsula, Hokkaido, Japan

Akihiko SUZUKI, Tsumoru SAGAYAMA, Mitsuru HIRATA, Hisayoshi KATO



37     An assessment method of environmental conditions and genetic diversities of small mammals in relic forests at an urban area

Miyuki KANEMAKI and Masahiro A. IWASA

















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