Journal of Environmental Education

Volue 7  Number 1   March 2004



1@  A study of urban environmental amenity to create symbiosis of human beings and animals: From the point of view of universal designs of symbiosis

Mioko MATSUBARA and Masakatsu MIYAZAKI


7    What do the parents of the children who participate in various outdoor activities expect ?

Takashi KODAMA, Hirokazu KOBUKAI, Daisuke MATUI, Kuniko ISAYAMA, Toshiyuki KATO and Kiyoshi OKUYAMA


15   Small mountains without trails in and near Akan National Park

Taka-aki Ogawa


25   Vegetation and soil chemical properties of snow pit in Sapporo, central Hokkaido, northern Japan

Takuya MITANI and Kanji NAMIKAWA


35    Distribution and gut contents of the alien crayfish Pacifastacus leniusculus in the Takkobu Lake

Rui KAMIYAMA, Shin-ichi HIRUTAi and Hirotsugu NAKAJIMA


43    Molluscs drifted of Sesoko Island, Okinawa Prefecture : A preliminary report

Akihiko SUZUKI


49   A Report of gSalmon Studiesh in Kunbetsu Elementary and Junior-High School, Shibetsu in eastern HokkaidoD

Sachio NORO, Yukio TAKASHIMA and Eishige KOMIYAMA


65   Environmental voluntary exercise combining with ecocamp activity



73   Activity of CEPA program: Parent-child picnic in autumn

Ikuko YABUNAMI and Fusayuki KANDA







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